The Degens

Do you know that feeling when you feel like you need to buy that NFT, because it will be blue chip, cuz it has many utilities, awesome roadmap, passive income and all that promises, team is working on 24/7 and grinding hard, but then with your luck it turns out it was just a rug or worthless shit?

Well, this NFT is same shit, but we are not a rug as this will be FREE MINT. We will not promise tens of utilities, vibrant community, cult, passive income and other crap. This worthless bullshit will be degen play of all degen plays.

Why? Have you seen zombie with mullet, nice suit and chewing gum or ape in elegant all black Wick suit? No? Well, we haven’t seen that too, but fuck that, degen world is twisted and weird, so everything is possible!

We made special suit dedicated to all idiot degens who played with Luna and got burned. That Luna investor suit is destroyed and looks like hobo wear it and then decided to donate it to you. BTW I got burned too, cuz I am shithead.

We are so lazy, we cannot do some perfect and nice looking website, so we made this simple one. So lazy we will not have discord for few weeks yet. So so fucking lazy degens that reveal will be after this will hit 1000 ETH volume or 10 ETH floor price or after one week from mint. Fuck you, you are lazy too. That’s why you don’t work hard and looking where and how to get rich by flipping NFTs. There is some utility planned (can’t tell you more yet) but let’s mint it first.

Okay I am getting tired, this is too much of text, let’s finish it. If you ever were worth anything as a man, NFT trader or crypto investor, then let’s play with us. This FREE MINT shitty NFT is dedicated to all degens who know that feeling. That feeling you feel when you see social media are full of successful stories of teenagers making fortune with NFTs, getting whitelists and are the ones who are selling you their NFTs in secondary with super big profit, before collection goes dead. I know that feeling when your profits are few bucks and tears are still hidden behind your eyes. Fuck them, let’s play this…

How to get WL? Share, do memes, Tweet and do all that shitty degen stuff you do and hope that we will notice you and give you WL. Be careful, please! Don’t trust surprise mints, stealth mints, or any other scammers. We will not contact you directly to go and mint! Use burner wallet with few bucks to cover network fees (learn that for all projects motherfucker!) Do not open links (only here and on our official Twitter) If you will feel like you want to open some link from some suspicious mfer, do not connect wallet. If you will feel like you want to connect wallet, connect burner wallet.
If you connected wallet with all your tens of BAYC, MAYC, Azuki and Doodles, then congrats, they are gone. Nobody can help you.

Let’s degen play everything
Price: FREE
Wen: TBA
Were: TBA
Supply: TBA
WL ppl will have unlimited mints, but only 5 minutes to fucking kill mint button.
Public mfers will have 25 minutes and maybe 1 or 2 NFTs per wallet.

Final words… We have a FREE MINT, use wallet with just few bucks to cover network fees and you will be okay.
Now let’s play a game.

Are you degen?

The Degens 2022 made by unsuccessful, degen-shithead who is so unlucky, that nobody will notice this project.
Amen, Bye, GM, GN, Wagmi, Wagbo, LFG, Wen lambo, Wen moon, I’m out…